Love grows like weed in your backyard. It needs no water, no sun, and more often than not, its unwanted. Smoke it once and it pumps itself in your veins, in the red gossamers of your bloodshot eyes, in the vaulted archways of your god-damn heart. It fills you up and keeps oozing out until the whole world rolls up and fades away in a distance and nothing, absolutely nothing, is the same anymore!!


5 thoughts on “Love Aghast

  1. It is an addiction that overshadows all other addictions. It kills you and yet doesn’t let you die. Then it heals you to make you live, yet doesn’t let you live. You are right when you say, nothing, absolutely nothing, is the same anymore!
    Most apt description of love this is. Very good.

    1. Loved your comment. There is a beautiful word for this devastating state in Urdu: رقصِ بِسمل
      It means ‘dance of the slaughtered’. Imagine how a bull writhes when slaughtered on Eid. A lover writhes, just like that, but in love!

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