Seek the Ordinary

There is a growing frenzy for the ‘extraordinary’ in our world. Appearance has overshadowed the Essence. The god of capitalism is actively creating a parallel universe of false images. Time has quickened its pace and people feel the strain to have to catch up to leave their print. If time were slow or the god of capitalism not fast, people might have some space for the ‘ordinary’ in their lives. Now there just isn’t any.

God intended beauty and happiness to surround man in His world. The commercial god, however, wants mankind to run after them. In order that people seek what they already have, they should be told that they don’t really have it. The commercial god, therefore, makes use of his ungodly satellites to curse people into believing that certain things are devoid of Beauty and certain actions are devoid of Love. And that love is finite and should be selectively bestowed. And that happiness is the sense of fleeting satisfaction that vanishes as soon as you begin to suspect it’s actually there.

I see a dismal situation: Denying the true idea of Love and Beauty to the people of a loving and beautiful God creates a mega-vacuum in the society. This vacuum, in turn, drives all the commercial machinery, allowing it to create even more powerful ones. More convincing illusions are created, more people believe them to be true and more lives are lost seeking the non-existent Meaningless.

People develop a tendency to deny the spirit, deny its exigencies and as a result, there is a growing void in the society that can swallow it up whole. Here, have a glimpse into this void: You see that the corporate culture promotes confidence, boldness and expression. As a result, we are already left with a limited number of shy, quiet and inert people. A time will come when we won’t have any just like we don’t have Caspian tigers, Dodos and Eastern Cougars on our planet anymore. Also, a time will come when digging for the real faces under layers of permanent organic cosmetics will become as impossible as guessing the original contours of a plastically engineered face – thanks to the endless streaming of ‘supposed beauty’ by the ungodly satellites. The worldwide advertisement agency will utilize our left-over originality and plot how to make maximum money out of it. People might move to Mars to get easy land allotments, invent high wattage heat pumps for survival and give birth to Martians.

Human race is on the verge of extinction, people.

Lets find our way back to life. As ordinary people, we can not slow down time or stop the god of capitalism. They will stay and they will do what they will. The only thing we can do is to realize that all the beauty and happiness we really need is by our side, breathing delicately in the most ordinary of the books, faces, streets and shores, waiting patiently to be discovered. If ordinary people seek the ‘ordinary’ in their ordinary lives, extra-ordinary things can happen. A belief in that will restore Life on Earth.



13 thoughts on “Seek the Ordinary

  1. I know I’ve been thinking the same things! Society is now so hyped up about being all materialistic and the person they show to the world is not actually them because they feel the need to not be ordinary. It’s a shame really. Being normal is something abnormal now.

    1. I thought this might interest you that Quran embraces individuality and uniqueness – this should totally comfort people in being who they actually are. The verse goes: کل یعمل علی شاکلته – One acts according to one’s dispositions.
      Thank you for coming and sharing your views.

      1. I don’t mean people shouldn’t be who they are – they definitely should. But I’m just saying people shouldn’t pretend to be something they’re not just because they feel that society requires them to be a certain way.

  2. Although I agree with your observations, I am inclined to think about the positive side of things. Just like you observed and wrote about this, there are others who are worried about the spiritual destruction of the human race. And I believe that’s where our salvation lies. A dying breed indeed, but a determined breed.

    1. Spiritual destruction is the natural consequence of capitalism. If we look at history, it has taken many twists and turns but the only thing it stays consistent with is bringing more loss to the spirituality.
      I couldn’t totally get you though.

      1. What I meant was, when a group of individuals reach the point of extinction, they fight back to survive. Darwinian precept, if you will. Consumerism has led to the slow rotting away of the human soul. Nevertheless, there are people who have recognised this fatal trend and they intend to correct it before it gets out of hand. With increasing consumerism and materialism, this fringe group will also become stronger and fight back.
        This is just my optimistic outlook.

        1. You are a brilliant man! Yes, the Darwinian precept seems to work everywhere. The world is evolving ultimately for the better, as Iqbal believed. Very articulate and very brilliant.
          Thank you for sharing your optimistic outlook. I really appreciate that.

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